Patient Reviews


Appointment: 09/09 02:00 P

Survey Taken: 09/10 06:28 P

Additional Comments:

“Everything is excellent! Your staff is awsome you have given nothing but A+ service thank you so much! I would highly recommend your office ! “


Appointment: 09/17 02:00 P

Survey Taken: 09/19 07:16 A

Additional Comments:

“Everyone in the office is professional, courteous and helpful. Dr Smith is excellent. My legs are so much better! Reduced pain, better sleep and almost no leg cramps or restless leg. My overall health is also improved. Less tired. Less pain. The procedure is so much better than surgery!(which I have had and do not recommend)! “


Appointment: 08/27 03:00 P

Survey Taken: 08/28 01:48 P

Additional Comments:

“Dr Smith and her staff are caring, considerate and simply amazing. The treatment I have received has far exceeded my expectation.”


Appointment: 09/11 11:00 A

Survey Taken: 09/12 10:23 A

Additional Comments:

“I was impressed by the amount of time Dr. Smith spent on my consultation visit. She gave me a lot of information and encouraged me to view website videos.”


Appointment: 09/21 02:30 P

Survey Taken: 09/22 04:48 P

Additional Comments:

“Dr. Jane and Michelle were great. Botox procedure was fast and almost painless. I was scared and anxious at the beginning the staff reassured me it would be fine and there would be minimal pain…they were right. I was very satisfied with my experience.”


Appointment: 10/15 02:00 P

Survey Taken: 10/16 07:14 P

Additional Comments:

“Top quality care, very professional and very caring. They would be my only choice for my care. Dr. Smith is giving me the best medical care I could get.”


Appointment: 10/23 02:00 P

Survey Taken: 10/24 12:44 P

Additional Comments:

“Everyone at VeinCare is super friendly and helpful. They really care about your well being.”


Appointment: 10/08 12:45 P

Survey Taken: 10/31 02:04 P

Additional Comments:

“She uses the latest technology to address the underlying problems. She spent a very long time talking with me during the consultation. “


Appointment: 11/06 04:00 P

Survey Taken: 11/11 08:41 A

Additional Comments:

“Great staff! They really care about your health and how they can help you!”


Appointment: 11/14 02:00 P

Survey Taken: 11/15 10:50 P

Additional Comments:

“Dr Smith and her entire staff are competent, caring professionals. Dr. Smith is relentless in her quest to do the job right, in spite of my complex veins. I am so grateful I found such a skilled and caring professional. I highly recommend her to anyone considering vein work.”


Appointment: 11/20 01:00 P

Survey Taken: 11/22 12:13 P

Additional Comments:

“Had a double leg appointment with Michelle, she was very gentle and the time flew by as we chatted”


Appointment: 11/25 11:00 A

Survey Taken: 11/26 02:24 P

Additional Comments:

“Love your faces and quality care. “


Appointment: 12/04 12:00 P

Survey Taken: 12/05 06:27 P

Additional Comments:

“Every one is so friendly, helpful and respectful. The office and examining rooms are immaculate. I’m very impressed with every aspect of this doctor and all of her associates. “


Appointment: 01/09 11:00 A

Survey Taken: 01/10 08:28 P

Additional Comments:

“Dr Jane Smith was very knowledgeable about what I needed and I really enjoyed talking to her. She is a very nice person and would recommend her to anyone who needed a doctor for the different procedures she offers. “


Appointment: 01/14 02:00 P

Survey Taken: 01/15 03:05 P

Additional Comments:

“Absolutely the most courteous and knowledgeable Doctor and staff I have ever had the privilege to be acquainted with. It is indeed a rare thing to enjoy a health care visit, as I do at all of my appointments with Dr. Jane Smith. It feels more like going to visit friends rather than going to a medical appointment. Thank you Doctor Jane and staff!”